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Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Australia - Robust Intensity



Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Robust Intensity 

This limited production early Kalamata Olive Oil has intense pepper on the finish with a wasabi like pungency and notes of apple, savory herb, creamy artichoke and almond. The combination of picking the fruit extremely early and minimal processing resulted in high phenol content and a very high Oleocanthal content (147 ppm), indicative of the peppery sensation found in very early Kalamata fruit!

 *Biophenols:  534.2 ppm   *FFA:  0.20

    *Oleic Acid:  78.2                 *Peroxide:  4.0

    *DAGs:  96.1                          *PPP:  <0.2

                                                     *A-Tocopherols:  348.7

          *As measured at the time of crush

 Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness:  5.4    Bitterness:  4.0    Pungency:  4.5

Crush Date: May 2023 

Country of Origin: Australia






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